Kāwhia School

Kāwhia School highly recommends the service of ASAP. From the beginning, ASAP Director, Wes Cooper, not only listened to our needs but delivered beyond our expectations.

School building projects involve many layers of bureaucracy and Wes was instrumental in ensuring there was a clear line of communication and understanding between all parties throughout the project.

There were four areas, compared to other contractors, that make ASAP stand out from the rest:

1. The level of cultural engagement was outstanding. We had carvings to install and Wes worked closely and respectfully with those involved to ensure they were part of the entire process. He accommodated to their needs but also made very practical suggestions, such as pivoting the flagpole, that we hadn’t thought of.

2. The workmanship of the builders was impeccable and if there was something that needed correcting, it was addressed immediately and without any fuss.

3. Although we had architectural plans, Wes and his foreman, Alan, were always reviewing them and ensuring they were conducive to our needs. They noticed little details in the plans that they knew would affect our school in the long run and made recommendations for changes or improvements. Their minds were always thinking of how they could make the build better for us.

4. The entire team were like whānau to us. All the workers related very well to to our students, staff and parents while still upholding their professional reputation. They were able to adapt to the “Kāwhia way”. Strong relationships were established with high levels of trust
– something that we value highly at Kāwhia School. This enabled open and honest communication as well as appreciating needs both ways.

ASAP definitely delivered over and above our expectations.

Leanne Apiti – Principal

The results speak for them selves. Our medium scale addition, remediation and maintenance project undertaken for a rural School had many unique and complex components that required a contractor who had the capacity to be flexible, accurate and take the initiative where practical considerations on site required some lateral thinking to work around issues that became apartment during the construction process.

ASAP Contracting delivered on every aspect with a positive, proactive attitude.

As a Contractor communication with the Client was clear and timely with not one detail lost in the subsequent additions requested by the Client.

Congratulations to ASAP Contracting on a project well delivered to a very high standard.

Stephen Bemelman – Project Manager